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Your Questions, Answered



What should I expect if this is my first massage?

If this is your first massage experience you are in good hands. When you arrive you will be greeted and given a form to fill out. Once completed you will be shown to your therapists room and the whole procedure explained to you. You will feel very comfortable and your therapist happy to answer any questions.

Will I be covered appropriately?

Yes. Throughout the entire massage we use towels to cover you. Only the part of your body being treated at that time will be exposed and your privacy is respected completely throughout the session.

How long will my appointment go for?

Your appointment will start and finish on time and extend over the period of time you booked e.g an hour. The initial consultation may utilise 5-10 minutes to fill out the form and go through your history to identify any contraindications however for future appointments this will have already been completed.

Can I cancel an appointment?

We understand that things come up and sometimes appointments need to be cancelled or changed, however it would be appreciated if you could give us as much notice as possible so that someone else can benefit from the time you will have made available.

Can I claim with my health insurance?

If your level of health insurance cover incorporates massage then the answer is yes. Hicaps is available for use with most health funds and can be used to claim immediately on the day. Please check with your therapist if they are covered by your health fund.

What if I think the pressure is too much or not enough?

This can sometimes be the case as each clients body interprets pressure differently. We will check throughout the session to ensure you are happy with the pressure but please feel comfortable enough to let us know if you would like it adjusted.

How often should I have a massage?

It would be ideal if we could all have a massage on a weekly basis however realistically this is not sustainable financially or time wise for most! Frequency is really dependent on your situation and you should engage your therapist in this decision. For more acute situations/injuries weekly appointments are recommended initially, to be extended to fortnightly once you start to recover. For those not carrying an injury as such and maintaining one's self anywhere from 2-6 weekly is recommended, again depending on your situation.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Yes we do. However, typically we are just one part of a team effort necessary to treat and/or manage terminal or chronic illness. We usually work closely with the medical practitioner and/or other physicians to lessen or decrease the client's dependence on medications, increase circulation, increase the speed of the body's healing or enhance the client's ability to manage any stress surrounding such a diagnosis.

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